Future Academy & Current Trends Inc.
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Kindergarten to 12th Grade


"Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them become what they are capable of becoming." -- Goethe

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Enrichment Activities

Future Academy & Current Trends, Inc. is proud to offer quality after school homework help and tutoring in Hayward and the Greater Bay Area. FACT, Inc., is a nonprofit corporation established in 2010 to support education and provide a variety of enrichment activities to school age children.

Our Core Values

    • Student Success – The success of our students is provided through challenging and rigorous learning experiences.

    • Caring Spirit – We genuinely care about the success of our students.

    • Guide – We create learning experiences that stimulate intellectual curiosity and empower students to embrace their potential.

    • Diversity – We honor and respect the different backgrounds, experiences, languages, values and cultures of the students we serve.

Our mission at Future Academy & Current Trends, Inc. is to provide quality tutoring and test preparation services for students to enhance and improve self-confidence & performance. Individual and group instruction is used to assist students to attain knowledge and master skills while developing attitudes and values needed to succeed in a global market.


Our staff is a team of highly competent and experienced professionals



 We provide services that are accessible to all budgets…FREE


  • Comparable to the large franchise tutoring services

Our activities are interactive, project-focused, and enhance core standards.

Our activities are fun for the student, but they also impart knowledge.

Our activities allow the participants to apply knowledge and skills stressed in school to real-life experiences.

  • Looking for help with homework /tutoring?

We provide direct assistance with classroom work.

Tutors or teachers help students complete their homework, prepare for tests, and work specifically on concepts covered during the school day.

We provide essay coaching for the SAT

Test Preparation for high school exit and college entrance exams

  • Fun!

Students are given time to relax or play games while building social skills, teamwork, leadership, competition, and discipline.

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